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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Elaine, Arkansas

Seth is a Christian standup comedian whose topics focus on current happenings; marriage; kids; whacky topics and everyday experiences. The wide variety of topics allow everyone attending to have a fun experience! Read Seth's full biography.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Elaine, AR by filling out the appearance quotation page.

Forecast customary travel expenses for neighboring cities and towns right next to Elaine, AR:
* Mellwood, AR
* Crumrod, AR
* Lambrook, AR
* Wabash, AR
* Sherard, MS
* Rena Lara, MS
* Farrell, MS
* Friars Point, MS
* Ethel, AR
* Marvell, AR

There is a clean comedian that lives in Phillips County. To Get a free cost estimate from the Clean and Funny Comedy Booking Agency, fill out this appearance quotation page. The representation of local comedians allows this agency to save you money versus the travel fees quoted below.

Here is a detailed estimation of travel fees to book a Christian comedian in Elaine, AR. These are normal travel rates and may be higher or lower than projected.

Hotel (Generally Hampton Inn Clarksdale)$129 - $193.50
Rental Car$48.16 - $98.74
(Above car fee represent a combination of the rental car price, plus mileage and gas needed.)
Plane (American to Lambert-St Louis International)$67.00 - $328.00
Total Guestimation$244.16 - $620.24

This projection assumes:
* This projection assumes a local gas price of $2.11.
* Calculated travel charges assume a regular event & 1 overnight stay.
* Travel fees fluctuate depending on the travel season and the day of the week.

This guestimation is also accurate for the 72333 zip code and the majority of Phillips County.

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