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With his ability to draw from a rich employment history, Seth Knorr can relate to almost any profession. Growing up his dad told him "you can have anything you want, just so long as it is purchased with your own money." This challenge culminated into a long list of jobs and life experiences that are reflected into each comedy set.

Seth was professional, on time and funny.
Joelle Mapp
Time Warner

Seth did a great job. He performed well above our expectations and we would definitely hire him again. We would definitely recommend him for your event.
Anthony Briselli
Dagostino & Briselli Financial Group

Seth is a great comedian! He worked with my non-profit The Buddy Project to emcee our anniversary fundraiser. He had some funny jokes and he did well making everyone comfortable.
Eric D. Zimmerman
Founder and Chairman
The Buddy Project, Inc.

Growing up he had a lawn care business, shoveled snow, pulled weeds on a farm, picked fruit, roofed houses, and worked at K-mart and Burger King. In the real world he has worked in sales and as a computer programmer. (Probably the only programmer who has also won a salesman of the year award) He also has experience with telemarketing. Through these jobs, he has worked with many industries including Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services, Hedge Funds, Network Marketers, Hospitals and Veterinary Practices to name a few.

In addition to these jobs Seth has many hobbies including racing cars with the SCCA, playing in an adult soft ball league, ice hockey, and watching various sports on TV. In high school he lettered in four sports including football, wrestling, golf and tennis. Seth is also well traveled, having visited all of the continental United States and has been to various foreign countries such as France, Amsterdam, Bermuda and Canada.

When requested, Seth can deliver a highly customized comedy routine to meet your specific needs and specifications. For these types of customized sets, he will spend time ascertaining specific details about your business and industry, which includes showing up a day early to experience the work environment. Spending the time to relate to each customers unique business enables him to put together a customized show that the employees will find hilarious!

Hire Seth Knorr today for your next corporate event, conference or holiday party by filling out the booking form.

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