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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Kunia, Hawaii

Seth Knorr is a Christian, clean, family-friendly, comedian whose topics focus on current noteworthy events; marriage; raising kids; exciting topics and everyday life experiences. The wide range of topics allow everyone present to have a good night! See Seth's entire bio.

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Calculate charges for travel that are customary to neighboring cities and towns closest to Kunia, HI:

This page is a itemized estimation of travel charges to book a Christian comedian in Kunia, HI. These are standard travel fees and may be higher or lower than estimated.

Hotel (Generally Courtyard Waikiki Beach)$114.00 - $609
Rental Car$67.84 - $151.97
(Rental car fee listed above reflect a combination of the rental car price, plus miles and gas usage)
Plane (US Airlines to Kahului)$67.00 - $315.00
Total Estimation$248.84 - $1,075.97

This guestimation assumes:
** This guestimation references a current gas price of $2.82.
** Travel fee calculations assume a routine event in 1 day with a 2 day trip.
** Travel costs are only guesstimates and may vary based on time of year.

This estimation is also good for the 96759 zip code and much of Honolulu County.

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