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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Elizabeth, Indiana

Seth is a Christian, family-friendly, comedian whose themes involve current happenings; relationships; raising children; whacky topics and routine life occurrences. The extensive assortment of themes allow everybody present to have a wonderful night! See full bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Elizabeth, IN with this engagement quote page.

Estimation of current charges for travel that are customary in cities and towns in the neighborhood of Elizabeth, IN:

A featured comedian lives in Elizabeth, Indiana area. To receive a free estimate from the Clean and Funny Booking Agency, fill out this engagement quote page. Working with this agency can save you money on the travel fee estimated below because they represent local comedians.

This page is a itemized guestimation of travel charges to book a Christian comedian in Elizabeth, IN. These are median travel expenses and may be higher or lower than estimated.

Lodging (Generally Hampton Inn Corydon)$101 - $179.00
Car Rental$43.24 - $125.40
(Above car cost represent a combination of the rental price, plus miles and estimated gas usage.)
Plane (American to Lambert-St Louis International)$67.00 - $328.00
Total Projection$211.24 - $632.40

This estimated charge assumes:
* This estimated charge assumes a current gas price of $2.25.
* Estimations of travel fees assume a regular 2 day trip.
* Travel rates fluctuate based on the travel date.
* If possible, Seth will travel in and out the same day to save on fees.

This projection is also valid for the 47117 zip code and most of Rosewood and Harrison County.

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