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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


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Seth is a Christian, clean, standup comedian whose topics involve news related events; married life; raising children; interesting topics and common experiences. The wide range of topics allow all in attendance to have a nice time! View entire biography.

Seth lives just north of Baltimore. Since he lives so close there are no travel costs charged to book him. He also performs frequently in the Baltimore area and he even has some custom material about the region. Most of his sets will contain local material that will easily be related to. Flying in a comedian could be problematic with the posibility of flight delays. Since he's local, no need to worry about these concerns.

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The standard travel costs, including gas, to hire a Christian comedian in Barclay, MD is $16.95.The mileage cost assumes a current gas price of $2.18.

This projection is valid for the 21607 zip code and most of Queen Anne's County.

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