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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Clinton, Maryland

Seth's a Christian standup comedian with subject mater that centers on current happenings; marriage; children; whacky topics and common occurrences. The extensive array of subject mater enables everybody present to have a pleasurable time! View full bio.

Seth resides north of Baltimore. Since he resides nearby there are no travel fees associated with booking him. He also regularly performs in the Baltimore area and his set will also contain material about the area this makes him a great fit for local events. He also does some custom local material about sports and the area in general. Since he's local he will ease the travel fears created when flying in a comedian, which could be problematic

Hire a Christian Comedian in Clinton, Maryland with this engagement estimate page.

The standard travel expenditures, including gas, to book a Christian comedian in Clinton, MD is $15.75.The transportation cost is projected based on a local per gallon price of $2.16.

This estimated expenditure is good for the 20735 zip code and the majority of Prince George's County.

Forecast of customary travel expenditures in towns and cities around Clinton, MD:
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