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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Winterville, Mississippi

Seth is a Christian, clean, stand-up comedian with subject mater containing current events; marriage; babies; strange topics and routine life experiences. The varied range of subject mater lets everybody to have a pleasurable night! See entire bio.

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Discover expenditures for travel that are customary in cities & towns in the vicinity of Winterville, MS:

There's a featured standup comedian that is located in Washington County. To Get an estimate of expenses from the Clean & Funny Comedy Agency, fill out this booking form. Working with this agency may save you money on the travel expenditure quoted below because they represent local comedians.

This page is a estimated calculation of travel fees to book a Christian comedian in Winterville, MS. These are usual travel costs and may be higher or lower than projected.

Hotel (Generally Hampton Inn Greenville)$129 - $193.50
Car$51.84 - $89.16
(Rental car fee listed above denote a combination of the rental payment, plus miles and expected gas usage)
Plane Trip (American to Lambert-St Louis International)$67.00 - $328.00
Total Projection$247.84 - $610.66

This estimated charge assumes:
* This estimated charge references a local gas price of $2.00.
* Computed travel fees assume a routine function in 1 day with a 2 day trip.
* These expenditures may change determined by travel dates.

This projection is accurate for the 38782 zip code.

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