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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Black Eagle, Montana

Seth's a family-friendly comedian whose subject mater consists of news related events; relationships; parenting; exciting topics and everyday life. The varied spectrum of subject mater allows everybody in the audience to have a wonderful time! See Seth's entire bio.

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Discover current travel rates which are customary for towns & cities a short distance from Black Eagle, MT:

Here is a detailed estimation of travel fees to book a Christian comedian in Black Eagle, MT. These are common travel fees and may be higher or lower than projected.

Lodging$68 - $98
Rental Car$61.12 - $125.30
(Rental car fee listed above embody a combination of the rental payment, plus mileage and gas)
Plane Ride (American to Spokane International)$67.00 - $381.00
Total Guestimated$196.12 - $604.30

This guestimated expense assumes:
** This guestimated expense assumes a local gas price per gallon at $2.33.
** Estimations of travel costs assume a usual performance with one overnight stay.
** The following expenditures may differ determinate on dates and time of travel.
** When possible, Seth will travel in and out the same day to save on costs.

This guestimated expense is also good for the 59414 zip code and most of Cascade County.

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