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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Karlsruhe, North Dakota

Seth Knorr's a Christian, family-friendly, standup comedian whose subject mater consists of current events; relationships; raising kids; bizarre topics and routine life experiences. The wide array of subject mater enables everyone in attendance to have a pleasant experience! Read complete bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Karlsruhe, ND through our appearance request page.

Calculation of current rates for travel that are customary to cities/towns a stones throw away from Karlsruhe, ND:
  1. Voltaire, ND
  2. Granville, ND
  3. Balfour, ND
  4. Norwich, ND
  5. Sawyer, ND
  6. Ruso, ND
  7. Velva, ND
  8. Butte, ND
  9. Deering, ND
  10. Bantry, ND

This page is a estimated calculation of travel charges to book a Christian comedian in Karlsruhe, ND. These are median travel charges and may be higher or lower than guestimated.

Lodging$109 - $163.50
Rental Car$52.60 - $104.67
(The above rental cost reflect the rental car fee, plus mileage and gas needed.)
Plane (Frontier to Bismarck Municipal)$381.00 - $459.00
Total Projected$542.60 - $727.17

This projected fee assumes:
** This projected fee assumes a local gas price of $2.58.
** Travel expenditures estimated to assume a standard overnight stay
** All expenses are only projections and may change determinate on dates and time of travel.
** If possible, Seth will fly in and out the same day to save on expenses.

This projected fee is also correct for the 58744 zip code and much of McHenry County.

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