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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Kennard, Nebraska

Seth's a family-friendly standup comedian whose jokes contain current events; relationships; parenting children; fascinating topics and everyday experiences. The varied range of jokes enable everybody in the audience to have an enjoyable time! See Seth's entire bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Kennard, NE through our show submission page.

Forecast travel rates which are customary for neighboring towns/cities next to Kennard, NE:
* Blair, NE
* Modale, IA
* Fort Calhoun, NE
* Washington, NE
* Arlington, NE
* Bennington, NE
* Valley, NE
* Crescent, IA
* Fremont, NE
* Boys Town, NE

This is a guestimated calculation of travel charges to book a Christian comedian in Kennard, NE. These are routine travel costs and may be higher or lower than projected.

Accommodations (Generally Hampton Inn Omaha/West Dodge Road (Old Mill))$84 - $159.00
Rental Car$59.54 - $151.82
(Rental car cost above embody the rental car rate, plus mileage and estimated amount of gas needed)
Plane (American to Lambert-St Louis International)$67.00 - $328.00
Total Estimation$210.54 - $638.82

This projected fee assumes:
* This projected fee references a current gas price per gallon at $2.55.
* Travel expense calculations assume a routine function in 1 day with a 2 day trip.
* Travel expenses fluctuate based on the travel date.
* If possible, Seth will travel in and out on the same day to save on expenses.

This estimation is also valid for the 68034 zip code and much of Washington County.

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