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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Millheim, Pennsylvania

Seth's a clean stand-up comedian whose themes center on current happenings; married life; babies; unique topics and daily life occurrences. The extensive spectrum of themes let the audience to have a pleasurable night! View Seth's entire bio.

Seth resides south of Carlisle. Since he resides nearby there will be no mileage fees when you book him. Most of his sets also contain custom local material that will easily be related to. Flying in a comedian could be an issue with the posibility of flight delays. Since he's local you can plan an anxiety free event.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Millheim, Pennsylvania. For a free no obligation quote to book Seth for your next event, fill out the form below. Alternately, you can reach him on his cell phone at (724) 562-8562.

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The normal mileage charges, including gas, to book a clean comedian in Millheim, PA is $7.65.The mileage charge is estimated based on a current gas price per gallon at $2.23.

This guestimation is accurate for the 16854 zip code and most of Centre County.

Forecast of current customary travel rates in neighboring towns and cities in the vicinity of Millheim, PA:
* Spring Mills, PA
* Aaronsburg, PA
* Coburn, PA
* Woodward, PA
* Madisonburg, PA
* Rebersburg, PA
* Mingoville, PA
* Milroy, PA
* Reedsville, PA
* Lamar, PA

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