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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Thornton, Pennsylvania

Seth Knorr's a Christian, family-friendly, stand-up comedian whose jokes focus on events in the news; married life; toddlers; exciting topics and common experiences. The varied spectrum of jokes allow all in attendance to have a fun time! Read full bio.

Seth's brother and sister both live in Philadelphia and he visits the area often. Usually his set includes material regarding the Eagles, Temple University, and other regional material.

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The standard mileage fees to hire a clean comedian in Thornton, PA, including gas is $16.50.The travel charge references a recent per gallon price of $2.20.

This estimated fee is accurate for the 19373 zip code and much of Delaware County.

Estimate of current customary expenses for travel in towns & cities in the backyard of Thornton, PA:
  1. Concordville, PA
  2. Garnet Valley, PA
  3. Chester Heights, PA
  4. Lenni, PA
  5. Aston, PA
  6. Media, PA
  7. Cheyney, PA
  8. Glen Mills, PA
  9. Westtown, PA
  10. Chadds Ford, PA

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