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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Kaysville, Utah

Seth Knorr is a clean stand-up comedian whose themes comprise of events in the news; marriage; toddlers; unusual topics and daily experiences. The varied variety of themes enable everyone in attendance to have a delightful time! See entire biography.

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Calculation of customary expenditures for travel for neighboring towns and cities in close proximity to Kaysville, UT:

Here is a detailed estimation of travel costs to book a Christian comedian in Kaysville, UT. These are common travel rates and may be higher or lower than projected.

Lodging (Generally Fairfield Inn Salt Lake City Layton)$79.00 - $889
Car Rental$60.21 - $126.44
(The above cost represent the sum of the rental rate, plus mileage and projected amount of gas needed.)
Airfare (Southwest to McCarran International)$256.00 - $372.00
Total Projected$395.21 - $1,387.44

This estimated charge assumes:
** This estimated charge references a local gas price of $2.22.
** Travel expenditures estimated to assume a routine function in 1 day & a 2 day trip.
** All fees are only guesstimates and will vary determinate on dates and time of travel.
** When possible, Seth will fly in and out the same day to save on fees.

This projected charge is also correct for the 84037 zip code and most of Fruit Heights and Davis County.

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