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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in West Milford, West Virginia

Seth Knorr is a Christian, family-friendly, stand-up comedian whose jokes entail current noteworthy events; marriage; parenting kids; exciting topics and routine life occurrences. The extensive spectrum of jokes allow everyone in attendance to have a pleasurable night! Read whole biography.

Seth frequently travels to his in-laws who live up the road from Morgantown in Smithfield. As a result, he usually waives all travel fees for events that are scheduled in advance.

Seth does a good bit of events in the Morgantown area each year and his set includes a good bit of custom material pertaining to the area.

Hire a Christian Comedian in West Milford, West Virginia with our event estimation form.

The regular travel charges to book a clean comedian in West Milford, WV, including gas is $25.05.The mileage cost is forecasted based on a current gas price per gallon at $2.30.

There's a stand-up comedian who is near West Milford, West Virginia. To Get an expense quote from Clean and Funny Booking, fill out this event estimation form. The cost quoted by the agency for a local comedian will be a big cost savings in comparison to the travel fees quoted below.

This estimation is correct for the 26451 zip code and the majority of Harrison County.

Find current expenses for travel that are customary to towns and cities a stones throw away from West Milford, WV:
  1. Jane Lew, WV
  2. Wolf Summit, WV
  3. Bristol, WV
  4. Wilsonburg, WV
  5. Wyatt, WV
  6. Industrial, WV
  7. Reynoldsville, WV
  8. Dawmont, WV
  9. Lost Creek, WV
  10. Mount Clare, WV

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