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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Brighton, Michigan

Seth Knorr's a Christian, family-friendly, comedian whose jokes include news related events; married life; children; fascinating topics and everyday life. The comprehensive spectrum of jokes allow all in the audience to have a great time! Read complete bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Brighton, MI with this performance request page.

Current projection of travel rates that are customary to neighboring cities/towns a stones throw away from Brighton, MI:
* Milford, MI
* Howell, MI
* South Lyon, MI
* Whitmore Lake, MI
* Hamburg, MI
* Lakeland, MI
* Pinckney, MI
* Oak Grove, MI
* Hartland, MI
* New Hudson, MI

This is a guestimation of travel costs to book a Christian comedian in Brighton, MI. These are regular travel fees and may be higher or lower than projected.

Accommodations (Generally Hampton Inn Ann Arbor-North)$88 - $189.00
Travel Cost (including gas)$54.30
Total Projected$142.30 - $243.30

This projection assumes:
* This projection assumes a local gas price per gallon at $2.29.
* Calculation of travel fees assume a usual event with one overnight stay.
* Charges are only projections and will differ based on time of year.

This projected cost is also accurate for the following zip codes 48114 and 48116 and the majority of Brighton Township, Genoa Township, Hartland Township, Crooked Lake, Green Oak Township and Livingston County.

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