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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Seth's a Christian comedian with material including current happenings; relationships; raising kids; unconventional topics and daily life experiences. The varied assortment of material allows everybody in attendance to have a good time! View Seth's complete bio.

Seth has family that reside outside New Brunswick in Princeton and regularly stays there. This will generally permit him to decrease or waive his travel expenses for bookings that are scheduled in advance.

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The regular mileage fees to book a clean comedian in New Brunswick, NJ, including gas is $24.75.The transportation cost references a local gas price of $1.979.

This projected fee is also valid for the following zip codes 08901, 08903, 08905, 08906, 08907, 08922, 08933, 08988 and 08989 and most of Middlesex County.

Calculation of current charges for travel which are customary for neighboring cities and towns of New Brunswick, NJ:
Figures on this page last changed on 11/8/2015.

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