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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Lubbock, Texas

Seth's a Christian stand-up comedian whose topics focus on events in the news; married life; raising children; unconventional topics and common occurrences. The wide array of topics let everyone attending to have a wonderful experience! View entire bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Lubbock, TX with our appearance estimation page.

Estimate of travel expenditures that are customary in towns/cities in the backyard of Lubbock, TX:

A clean stand-up comedian is residing in Lubbock County. To get a free expense quote from Clean & Funny Booking, fill out this appearance estimation page. The representation of local comedians allows this agency to save you money versus the travel costs estimated below.

This page is a estimation of travel expenditures to book a Christian comedian in Lubbock, TX. These are ordinary travel charges and may be higher or lower than projected.

Hotel (Generally Residence Inn Lubbock)$85.00 - $116.00
Car$55.51 - $103.80
(Above rental car cost denote the sum of the rental car charge, plus miles and gas.)
Plane Ride (Southwest to Dallas Love Field)$189.00 - $461.00
Total Forcasted$329.51 - $680.80

This estimated charge assumes:
** This estimated charge assumes a current gas price of $2.009.
** Calculated travel charges assume a usual event and one overnight stay.
** The following expenditures are only guesstimates and will differ determinate on dates and time of travel.

This forcasted charge is good for zip codes 79401, 79402, 79403, 79404, 79405, 79406, 79407, 79408, 79409, 79410, 79411, 79412, 79413, 79414, 79415, 79416, 79423, 79424, 79430, 79452, 79453, 79457, 79464, 79490, 79491, 79493 and 79499 and much of Lubbock County.

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