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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Weston, West Virginia

Seth Knorr is a Christian comedian whose material focuses on current events; relationships; babies; unconventional topics and everyday occurrences. The varied array of material enables the audience to have a pleasurable night! Read Seth's full bio.

Seth frequently travels to his in-laws who live up the road from Morgantown in Smithfield. As a result, he will usually waives expenses for bookings confirmed in advance.

Seth performs at a good bit of events in the Morgantown area each year and the set includes a good bit of material involving the area. Most of his sets are comprised of local material that's easily relatable to.

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The standard mileage charges to hire a clean comedian in Weston, WV, including gas is $27.00.The transportation expenditure references a gas price of $2.199.

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This guestimation is also valid for zip codes 26452 and 26462 and much of Valley Chapel and Lewis County.

Current estimation of travel rates which are customary in towns/cities in close proximity to Weston, WV:
* Camden, WV
* Crawford, WV
* Walkersville, WV
* Roanoke, WV
* Burnsville, WV
* Copen, WV
* Exchange, WV
* Gassaway, WV
* Ireland, WV
* Napier, WV

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