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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Covington, Kentucky

Seth Knorr's a Christian, clean, standup comedian whose jokes involve news related events; married life; parenting; bizarre topics and everyday life experiences. The comprehensive assortment of jokes let everyone present to have a pleasant night! View Seth's entire biography.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Covington, KY by filling out the engagement estimate form.

The normal travel expenditures, including gas, to hire a clean comedian in Covington, KY is $56.85.The travel expenditure is projected based on a recent gas price per gallon at $2.32. For events that have special conditions such as multiday, early in the morning or late at night, accommodations might be a requirement and will add to these expenditures. In the rare situation where accommodations are essential, the room expense will run between $89.00 to $179.00 per night. This projection of routine travel fees to book a Christian comedian in Covington, KY may be higher or lower than estimated.

Get an expense estimate from Clean & Funny Comedy Booking for a featured stand-up comedian that works clean that resides in Kenton County by filling out this engagement estimate form. The representation of local comedians will allow the agency to save you money on the travel charges estimated below.

This guestimation is good for the following zip codes 41011, 41012, 41014, 41016 and 41019 and the majority of Fort Mitchell, Park Hills, Decoursey, Fort Wright, Lookout Heights, Bromley, Ludlow and Kenton County.

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