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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Brinsmade, North Dakota

Seth Knorr's a Christian, family-friendly, stand-up comedian whose topics involve current events; married life; children; interesting topics and everyday incidents. The varied array of topics enable all to have a pleasurable night! Read entire biography.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Brinsmade, ND through this booking estimation page.

Current guesstimation of customary rates for travel to neighboring towns & cities in the vicinity of Brinsmade, ND:

Below is a estimate of travel fees to book a Christian comedian in Brinsmade, ND. These are regular travel costs and may be higher or lower than projected.

Hotel$75 - $127.50
Car Rental$53.19 - $122.33
(Above car cost denote the sum of the rental fee, plus mileage and likely gas usage.)
Plane (Frontier to Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain)$210.00 - $425.00
Total Guestimated$338.19 - $674.83

This guestimated expense assumes:
* This guestimated expense assumes a current gas price per gallon at $2.31.
* All travel guesstimation expenses assume a normal event and 1 overnight stay.
* All travel costs will vary determined by travel dates.

This guestimated expense is also correct for the 58320 zip code.

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