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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in York, North Dakota

Seth's a Christian, clean, family-friendly, standup comedian whose jokes contain current noteworthy events; marriage; children; off-the-wall topics and common life occurrences. The varied variety of jokes allow everyone in attendance to have a pleasant time! Read Seth's complete biography.

Hire a Christian Comedian in York, ND with this appearance quotation page.

Current guesstimation of travel expenses which are customary in neighboring towns & cities next to York, ND:

This page is a guestimated calculation of travel fees to book a Christian comedian in York, ND. These are routine travel expenses and may be higher or lower than guestimated.

Accommodations$75 - $127.50
Rental Car$56.00 - $122.64
(The above listed car fee denote the sum of the rental price, plus miles and projected amount of gas needed.)
Airfare (Frontier to Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain)$210.00 - $425.00
Total Estimated$341.00 - $675.14

This guestimation assumes:
** This guestimation assumes a current gas price of $2.48.
** Guesstimations of travel charges assume a standard event in one day & a two day trip.
** The following expenditures may differ based on time of year.
** Schedule permitting, Seth will travel in and out the same day to save on costs.

This estimated expenditure is also valid for the 58386 zip code and much of Baker and Pierce County.

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