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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Whitewood, South Dakota

Seth Knorr's a clean, family-friendly, standup comedian whose themes involve current happenings; married life; parenting kids; off-the-wall topics and everyday occurrences. The varied assortment of themes let everyone present to have an enjoyable time! Read whole bio.

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Current guesstimation of travel charges which are customary for neighboring cities/towns a short distance from Whitewood, SD:

This page is a itemized estimate of travel expenses to book a Christian comedian in Whitewood, SD. These are common travel expenses and may be higher or lower than estimated.

Hotel$96 - $199
Rental Car$60.31 - $111.57
(The above car fee embody the rental car charge, plus miles and gas needed.)
Airfare (Frontier to Denver International)$262.00 - $498.00
Total Estimated$418.31 - $808.57

This projection assumes:
* This projection references a local gas price of $2.93.
* All estimation of travel rates assume a normal performance in 1 day & a 2 day trip.
* These fees will vary determined by travel dates.
* Schedule permitting, Seth will fly in and out the same day to save on expenditures.

This estimated cost is also correct for the 57793 zip code and the majority of Meade County.

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