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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Layton, Utah

Seth is a Christian stand-up comedian whose material involves current noteworthy events; relationships; babies; bizarre topics and everyday life incidents. The wide array of material allows all to have a delightful time! Read complete bio.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Layton, UT with this booking estimation page.

Current projection of travel expenditures that are customary for neighboring cities/towns adjacent to Layton, UT:

This page is a itemized projection of travel fees to book a Christian comedian in Layton, UT. These are ordinary travel expenses and may be higher or lower than guestimated.

Accommodations (Generally Fairfield Inn Salt Lake City Layton)$79.00 - $889
Rental Car$60.51 - $101.05
(Above fee embody the rental car fee, plus mileage and likely gas usage.)
Plane Ride (Southwest to McCarran International)$256.00 - $372.00
Total Estimation$395.51 - $1,362.05

This projection assumes:
* This projection assumes a current gas price per gallon at $2.24.
* All calculation of travel expenses assume a standard function and one overnight stay.
* Travel rates can differ depending on the travel date.

This estimation is also valid for zip codes 84040 and 84041 and much of East Layton and Davis County.

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