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Seth Knorr
Christian Stand-up Comedian


  Find a Christian comedian in Sitka, Alaska

Seth is a Christian standup comedian whose themes consist of news related events; marriage; parenting children; exciting topics and daily occurrences. The wide variety of themes enable everybody attending to have a pleasurable time! View Seth's entire biography.

Hire a Christian Comedian in Sitka, AK with our show estimation form.

Guesstimation of travel expenditures that are customary to cities and towns in the backyard of Sitka, AK:

Below is an itemized guestimate of travel expenditures to book a Christian comedian in Sitka, AK. These are normal travel expenses and may be higher or lower than guestimated.

Accommodations$95 - $161.50
Car Rental$8.89 - $35.39
(The above rental fee embody a combination of the rental rate, plus miles and expected gas usage.)
Airfare (Alaska Air to Juneau International)$750.00 - $1,017.00
Total Estimated$853.89 - $1,213.89

This projected fee assumes:
** This projected fee assumes a current gas price per gallon at $2.39.
** Calculation of travel rates assume a standard performance in one day with a two day trip.
** The following listed travel fees are only projections and may differ determinate on dates and time of travel.
** When possible, Seth will fly in and out on the same day to save on fees.

This estimated fee is also correct for the 99835 zip code and most of Sitka City and Borough.

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